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HEART ATTACK survival – when alone – can be a cough away!

Dignity by Design

Please pause for 2 minutes and read this.  It could save your life!!

  1. Let’s say it’s 7.25pm and you’re going home (alone of course) after an unusually hard day on the job.
  2. You’re really tired, upset and frustrated.
  3. Suddenly you start experiencing severe pain in your chest that starts to drag out into your arm and up in to your jaw. You are only about five km from the hospital nearest your home.
  4. Unfortunately you don’t know if you’ll be able to make it that far.
  5. You have been trained in CPR, but the guy who taught the course did not tell you how to perform it on yourself.
  6. HOW TO SURVIVE A HEART ATTACK WHEN ALONE? Since many people are alone when they suffer a heart attack without help, the person whose heart is beating improperly and who begins to feel faint, has only about 10 seconds left before…

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What do you do when your Doctor thinks they may have found a lump?

Somewhere over the rainbow: life in Hell

*Warning!* While typing this I cried a lot and need a lot of tissues. I felt you should be warned and go get that box of tissues now before you read on.

Yesterday was a bit upsetting. My husband asked me if I’d read a post from one of our friends. I said, “no”. He proceeded to read her post to me. It was quite a blow, especially after the past year of dealing with my mom’s cancer. All night a zillion questions ran through my head. “What do you do when your friend fears they may be diagnosed with breast cancer?” “What do you do when your doctor thinks they may have found a lump?” “What kinds of treatments are out there?” “My doctor thinks he found a lump now what?” I can only imagine what questions have been running through her head.

Here is her post:

“I had…

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5 Stages of Letting Go of a Relationship with an Emotionally Abusive Woman


still rainingMany of my readers have expressed how difficult it is for them to let go of their relationships with emotionally abusive, Borderline and/or Narcissistic Personality Disorder wives and girlfriends. Several men who were involved with these women refer to them as “monsters.” One man in particular (Run4TheHills) writes that he prays to get cancer everyday because his marriage is so bad. It goes to show how terrifying these women can be when the prospect of a terminal illness is more appealing than another 15 years of marriage or a cutthroat divorce process.

There seems to be two categories men with abusive exes fall into:

  1. Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty I am free at last! These men are able to recognize that their relationship wasn’t based on love, but upon control tactics (fear, shame, guilt), unmet emotional needs, dysfunctional dependency and projection. Once…

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Home Care Chichester

Caring for the elderly at home may pose quite a challenge to some families especially those which require specialized care like those with dementia and Alzheimer ’s disease. Family members oftentimes resort in outsourcing professional care takers to assist their beloved elderly patient at home. Elderly care aims to assists patients to slowly become independent in basic task like feeding, grooming and brushing of teeth. The gradual independence of the elderly subject helps them develop a sense of individuality and dignity. Being compassionate in elderly care is the slogan of Guardian Angel Carers, home care specialist in Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom and may be reachable in this website: Guardian-angel-carers

The Guardian Angels

The Guardian Angels Carers aims to provide a comprehensive, reliable, professional, and individually tailored home care service to each and every client. Making elderly clients live independently and fulfilled within the comforts of their very home. A…

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Ellis Lucas Pt 2 Unshackled

Somewhere over the rainbow: life in Hell

I don’t really have anything to say about the 2nd part. There is something impressive when those who have fallen hard & far overcome their own shortcomings.

So if you’re ready or want to hear the second part just click here: Ellis Lucas Pt 2 (Windows Player)  (RealPlayer)

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Somewhere over the rainbow: life in Hell

It is not my intention to ever be preachy on here, but this first major post will be. I’ve been thinking about what major thing I should write about for weeks. It was only recently that I’ve had time to really sit down and think. Well, actually it’s more like be bludgeoned in the head with.

So I won’t go into my religion, and I do not normally listen to the Christian radio station, but from time to time I’d catch shows like Focus on the Family or Adventures in Odyssey and really enjoy the programs. There is something about them that makes you feel really good. You feel good in a way I can’t really explain.  Well last Sunday, (July 14), I was in the car and Unshackled came on (Channel WVFA 90.5). I’d only heard the intro and I knew I wanted to hear the thing but couldn’t…

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Ashwagandha: Snapshot

Online Herbalist

Practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine, the traditional medicine of India, regard this root as the Indian answer to ginseng for the male libido. It is mainly used in the West as a restorative for the elderly and the chronically ill. For such regenerative purposes, it can be taken as a milk decoction to which may be added raw sugar, honey, pippali and basmati rice. As such, it inhibits ageing and catalyses the anabolic processes of the body. It is a good food for weak pregnant women, it helps to stabilise the fetus. It also regenerates the hormonal system, promotes healing of tissues, and can be used externally on wounds, sores, etc. Ashwagandha is believed to maintain the immune system and is often prescribed in India to be taken along with antibiotics to prevent weakening of the immune system. It elevates iron levels in the blood, slightly decreases respiration, lowers…

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Variables, Variables, Variables…. #Math @jgreenhood

variable-constantBy definition, a variable varies or changes. Discuss some examples in your lives where some things are always constant and never change while other things may vary. For example, think about your cell phone bill. Is it constant or does it vary and if so, why? What about rent, grocery bills, etc.

Life is like a list of data. You will always have bills and expenses which are constants but the amounts are never set so they are variables. With some exceptions. Our internet is $80 a month till they jack it up. *sigh* Cell phone is $25 a month. Things like electricity, groceries, gas tend to vary.

Because of WiFi, data plans don’t have to be so large. You can change the variable of the price by switching services on your phone. Some services throttle your data. There’s always things one can do to lower the variable price on all those other things too.

It’s hard when your busy or trying to eat healthily to keep your grocery budget as constant as possible. One can’t live on Ramen alone. LOL Clipping coupons can take time. Granted Publix, Walgreens, WalMart & Winn dixie all have their ways of automating savings and adding digital coupons. In addition, it’s why apps like Check out 51 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., Ibotta (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and Receipt Hog (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., you can reduce the variable of the cost of groceries.

Another way to lower your cable bill constant by getting rid of your cable company. We use an android box called R-box. It was a 1 time payment of $100 but it came with a remote and mini keypad. LOVE it! I use an app called Kodi  (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.that allows you to watch whatever you want!  The cool part about Kodi is you can use it on a PC, Tablet or Cell phone but, for TV it always requires a Firestick, Android box or other similar devices.

Unfortunately, our internet bill is a constant of $80 with spectrum but, AT&T recently came by and offered us the same internet for $45. So we are looking at making a change. The best part is changing companies for the internet is not like changing cable companies where you learn a new system and reprogram to DVR the shows you like etc….

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Scientific Notation, #Math in the real world @jgreenhood


Discuss how scientific notation is used in our daily and work lives when we are dealing with VERY SMALL and VERY LARGE numbers. Since all of you are studying to be in the medical field, scientific notation is very important. Discuss situations in which you have encountered the use of scientific notation.

Scientific notation (also referred to as standard form or standard index form) is a way of expressing numbers that are too big or too small to be conveniently written in decimal form. It is commonly used by scientists, mathematicians, and engineers, in part because it can simplify certain arithmetic operations.”

Honestly, right now beyond writing 1,000 I sometimes write it as 1K which is shorter but not what you’re asking about. Other than that I don’t use it at all. In the medical field you might use it in dosing but, as we learned in class too (KISS) keep it simple we are unlikely to see 2ml5 because there is the potential that it was not 2x2x2x2x2 it should have been 2×5. In all do honesty only place in my life I’ve ever seen it was in Math & Chemistry class.

As I’m currently going to school to be a medical assistant one classmate brought up it being used in the field. Unfortunately,  Although calculations can be required for dosages. There is never a reason for them to be written in scientific notation. The only time we may see anything written in scientific notation as far as I can find it’s only done in reference of bacteria counts.

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