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I recently saw an interview with Joan Rivers storming out of an interview. Gotta say I love her even more than I already did. She got pissed and stormed out and can’t help, but 100% agree with her.

It’ll never cease to amaze me at how people who are neglectful and do a bad job are praised for it. Here’s a good example. A friend of mine on Facebook has a mom who has not always been well. At times, her mom has really made her life miserable. Despite that, she does what she can for her mom. Why? Cause she knows that despite the misery, her mom’s illness is more to blame than her mom. The moment her mom needs her she does what she can. Why? Because that’s the person she is, a caregiver. Does she care if people think she’s doing a great job? I don’t know, but she’s lucky she’s got a few people that recognize and appreciate her for her efforts. That’s the way most caregivers are.

Then you have pieces of shits who lose their home & job and leech off of a relative. I see almost on a daily basis article on elder abuse & neglect stories….

KS Woman Stuck on a Toilet for 2 Years!!
Emporia woman sentenced for elder abuse
Helping my aunt who is subject of financial abuse.

It’s sad when my dad became ill due to improper use of his medication I had an officer do a wellness check on him since I couldn’t get him to go to the doctor. The cop told me what I already knew. He told me, “You can’t leave him like that. It’s neglectful & you can go to jail.”. He wasn’t being an asshole! As caregivers, we are not perfect & we do the best we can with what we know & have. Hours of researching, several visits to doctors each day takes their toll. I said once, “I was an idiot for trusting family for help.”. They replied with, “No it’s not foolish to trust. The mistake was theirs.” We, trust family & friends & expect them to help. Unfortunately, some people are snakes who take advantage & make a bad situation worse. They do the minimal to help care for the very people they said, “They were there to help”. Denys a wife from saying goodbye to their dying husband. Leaving them at home alone for hours as they are suffering from Chemo Brain, Dementia or other illnesses. Isolate them from other & more. This neglect causes this loved one to suffer from dehydration, UTI’s & other health issues. What’s sad is you question that person’s horrible care & your bad! Yet they are constantly praised because their neglect kills not just 1 but 2 of your loved ones.

You may not like the truth because it’s ugly like Joan said, but I always feel the truth needs to be heard. Neglect is neglect. When an elderly person is in & out of the hospital constantly for dehydration, it’s neglect. It means they can’t be left alone, on their own doing nothing all day. What do you do for your reward in all this neglect? You reward yourself by forging their name & signing over all their belongings to yourself. Yes, just because you gloomed POA (Power of Attorney) Doesn’t mean you can sign their name a week before they die. For this horrible behavior, you are praised? They’re gone for a week & you move into their home… & you are praised!

Sorry, but no your a piece of shit! That is why I’m asking. No one should have to go through that hell. I’m not asking you to help me. I’m asking you to help bring Justice. In Florida, doctors are not required to report elder neglect. Once the person is gone there is only one way to seek justice. The burden lies upon the descendants. When they prove their case & win, then & only then does the state step in. I am not asking for me, I am asking for my parents, who were neglected & taken advantage of.
Please if you can’t help financially it’s ok at least click like/favorite, share & feel free to comment on the go fund me page. Never forget, if you have a loved one who is sick. I’m here to listen & see how I can help you before it’s too late!

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