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So sad, it’s been over a year & still dealing with this crap. Remember how I said my dad lost his marbles & was pressing charges on me? So he said, I drained their bank accounts.

Well, it turns out he did it as I had suspected. He had closed the business checking account, which I already knew about. What I didn’t know was it appears he also closed another bank account as well as max out the business line of credit. Then filed charges that I did it among a list of other things. How sad. He must have really been out of it by that point because I knew he was smart enough to know that wouldn’t have worked. All they had to do was see the accounts were closed by him.

Source: National Center on Elder Abuse, Bureau of Justice Statistics. February 16, 2012

I think the saddest part is, someone promised to look out for my mom & she didn’t. This same person promised to call Adult Services & they never did. Oh, & that was said in front of my dying mother & a few of her sisters. (Not that I’d expect any of them to back me up on that statement. Nor will I hold ill will to any of my family who stays out of it. Unfortunately, a few of them won’t have that luxury as they were involved in many of the events. )

I knew by this point my dad had not taken his risperidone for over 3 months. Although risperidone is known to treat many mental health issues like schizophrenia & bipolar disorders, it is often used with dementia & drug abuse victims. Risperidone helps with the aggression that is often associated with the abuse or misuse of opiates. Knowing my father’s temper before all this I can only imagine what my mom had to see & witness. (To this day I will walk away from an argument even if I feel I’m right because it makes me shut down & not function.) So if you were to have asked me back then if I was mad at him for all this, I would have said, “Yes!”. Although Now, it’s mixed feelings. Had he have not done all that, maybe they’d both still be alive today. As he always said, “If, the smallest word with the biggest meaning.”.

Unfortunately, the loss of both of them has left a big toll on my sisters & I.

Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration on Aging

The unfortunate outcome has been despite a new will that gave everything to the grand-kids, they now get nothing. Mom’s engagement ring, wedding ring & diamond ring gone. Photos, mementos, family heirlooms & even personal belongings that were at my parents home have all gone to my cousin. My cousin obtained POA (Power of Attorney) the same day my mom ended up in the hospital back in February of this year (2014). She used this POA a week before my mom died & took possession of over $400,000 worth of property as well as over $50,000 worth of belongings & more.

I know everyone grieves differently but moving into her home a week after her death & going out partying just seems wrong. Especially considering she seems to not want to live at this very same house with my mom after my dad died. Actually she moved my mom out of the house a week after my father died.

So again I’m not asking you to help me, but to help us find justice. In Florida once an elderly abused person(s) has passed away there is only one way to seek justice. You have to get a good elder law attorney & go from there. Sadly, you almost need a law degree to understand & find one. On top of all that they are not cheap. (Then again they do spend tons of money just to get the degree.) Once you’ve won & proven your case only then will the state attorney come in & follow suit. Believe it or not if they do the individual can receive up to 15 years in jail & even the possibility of a death sentence for the neglect of an elderly person. This is why we need your help. Please don’t feel bad if you can’t help or you only choose to give a dollar. If you can please pass this on share, like/favorite, & comment to help get the word out please do so.

Always remember, that if you see or hear about an elder being abuse you should report it. It is better to be safe than sorry. All reports are confidential. If you need advice or someone to talk to just ask. I’ve been researching these topics for 2 years now. Even though, they are gone I continue to research to see how I could have done differently in hopes to prevent others from suffering.

Seeking Justice for the Death & Neglect of Beatrice & Robert Greenhood
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