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Here come the vultures. Here come the vultures screaming at us…” – Delain

‘I’m angry like I’m 18 again and walls are closing in, but the bastards & the vultures all want pieces of what’s left of what we built….” The Wonder Years


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Promises were made but how often I forgot how few promises were ever kept by my family. I sadly can’t recall any promises made by my family that has been kept. So I shouldn’t have been surprised that a family, I naively thought was loving and caring turned out to be a pack of vultures. My father was only gone a few months and the vultures swoop in like a pack of hungry vultures plucking out my mom’s eyes before she’s even gone. I guess all families hope for that rich uncle to die and leave them a fortune and all families have those greedy individuals wait for their chance to get their slice of the pie.

By all means, my parents were not perfect, but they were mine and I loved them despite their faults. Both, Bob & Bea, worked hard their whole lives. They owned several businesses Old South Marketing, Contour Marketing, Affordable Coin Shop, J & S Stamps and a few others. I’d love to say all that hard work paid off and they became rich and lived happily ever after, but if that was the case then this blog post would be done. Don’t get me wrong they had their ups and downs and always made it through. In 2007, Bob came into some money due to a family decision to sell a piece of property that had been in the family for several generations.

Luckily for them, they didn’t go all crazy. Sure they paid off their mortgages and for once in their lives bought brand new cars. They were even smart and invested some of it. The one thing they didn’t do was work on being healthier. Bea had a Heart attack and bypasses done when she was in her 50’s. She also was a diabetic. Bob had suffered from several forms of Arthritis before I was even born. The pills he took on a daily basis was like a dozen pills 3 times a day. Both suffered from obesity. This horrible lifestyle leads to many ailments and ultimately lead to them both being hospitalized in 2012.

With one daughter living in another time zone, another with a toddler the majority of their care fell to me. Sadly there isn’t much out there to help you when you’re flying by the seat of your pants. They made no plans, no details on what to do how to take care of things. You do what you can. I didn’t ask my family to help as they all lived over 1200 miles away. With one aunt on her death bed, 2 sick uncles, and many other family members severely sick I didn’t dare ask.

It was hard trying my best to take care of things and keep on top of it all despite the negative comments I was getting from my mom’s siblings. By 2013, I was on the brink of breaking down. This is when the vultures strike. This is when it goes to hell. It starts with something small and grows from there. Before you know it, they’ve left your ailing father alone & unattended. Although the details are still unclear, my father became injured and ended up getting an infection that landed him in the hospital. According to my mother, the last she saw of him was in September before she left for Colorado to see her sister.  Denied seeing her husband before he passed, Bob suffered the cruelest fate of all. He died alone with no one who loved him there by his side. Denied seeing his wife before he died, denied closure with his daughters and denied seeing his 2 grandchildren that lived in the same state, once last time.

To be Continued……

Seeking Justice for the Death & Neglect of Beatrice & Robert Greenhood

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