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On April 16, 2012, my life changed forever. Bea, my mother, ended up in the hospital. None of us knew how much our father depended on her and the stress of that lead to being in a 5 hour emergency surgery. Although her sisters cruelly blamed him for this, he was not alone in the fault of it, but that’s not what this blog post is about. My dad, was not an easy person to get along with and it’s always easy to harp & focus on the horrible past and allow it to continue to torture yourself, but that’s not what this post is about either. Although, yes we are still seeking help in cleaning up this financial mess created by the loss of both parents in 1 year, this post is for the grandkids who will grow up never knowing him.

It’s true that when we are young we don’t always appreciate these little moments, but as I stood behind my husband watching a clip of CBS’ Sunday Morning and I recall some of the best Sunday mornings with my dad were spent sitting in the living room, sipping his coffee with a bagel with cream cheese.


As we got older this happen a lot less & less. My parents would work long hours & my sisters and I had other things to do.  When my nephew, Daniel was born my dad was so excited. For one, he was now not the only guy in a family of 3 daughters and all the pets were female too! At this point in life, I lived in South Carolina, but everyone else lived here in Florida. I’d come down on holidays. Sarai would drop Dan off with my parents and my dad would put on Sunday Morning and watch it with my nephew. It was kind of nice to see. Although Dan was not able to walk he’d sit there snuggled up with his grandfather watching. 10 years later when Dan’s sister, Elizabeth was born the tradition continued.

He’d play every morning for her, a recording of, (I think), Lord of the Dance with Irish

Irish dancers

dancers dancing to Simple Gifts.  I grew up listening to so many versions of this song. It will always hold a special meaning to me. None more precious than watching him sit there playing that song on the TV for her & singing it to her. By no means was our father an awesome singer, but Lizzy’s eyes would get so big and twinkle as she’d sit there watching & listening.

Right now, all that’s left for their 5 grandchildren is pain & trashed memories. In some families, a loss brings a family together but sadly in ours, it’s torn us apart. Instead of preserving the memory of our parents they worked hard at erasing it. Trashed their home & took what they wanted before my mom’s body was even cold. Sadly this behavior has become more & more common in today’s society. If you can help please do, even if this means just liking & sharing this page.

Thank you!

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