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Yeah, it’s just another sentimental Sunday!

A few weeks ago I was at the flying field watching my husband and some others flying model airplanes at IRKS. Along the light, breeze floated in a red balloon with a note attached. Unfortunately, it floated away and I was unable to see the note.

As I wallow through this mess of my life, I had wished my parents had left a message behind that would make me stop doubting how they felt about me or my sisters. It’s hard to believe they cared or loved us once if at all. Sadly, the feeling had been further compounded by the actions of other family members. Believe it or not we’be been told our parents hated us by a few. Sadly with their compounded help, all that’s left of my parents is a mess.

It’s as if my mom’s sisters erased her & my father. Family heirlooms were taken & given away. Leaving nothing for the grandchildren. What few photos I had in my possession are all that’s left. Old photos of  family that’s passed appear to be gone.

When I was caring for my mom we were practically inseparable. I’d never be gone more than a day or two. If she was ill I’d bring her home with me. I’m glad I was finally able to have the chance to take her to a convention & wished we had had a chance to do it again.

Although I don’t have children, I don’t wish my nephews & nieces to suffer this fate from me. So I’ve started to record messages for them to watch in the future after I’m gone.  Something I hope everyone to do at least once for their loved ones they leave behind.

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