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positive_negative_r07c7dSo I just finished my Algebra class and we had a few interesting conversations so I thought I’d share. One of our discussions was, “Can you think of situations, either in your workplace or in your home or recreational activities where you might use both positive and negative numbers? How important is it to pay close attention to the “signs, + or -” that go with numbers?” So I’m curious what your responses would be to this question.

Here is mine….

Other than in this class, I do not really use negative numbers. I always kept it simple. Online banking balances your account. I don’t do checks. So I guess the closest I’ve gotten to using negative numbers is inventory. For example had an order for a Xoar 20 x 8 WW II Three Bladed prop, unfortunately, we were all out of them. So now our inventory is -1 until our order from China comes in. Again other than that the PC handles all that but we at least know how much we need to balance the inventory to 0.

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